Real Colors® Workshops

What would it look like if teachers, employees, families, organizations, students, employers, and all the citizens of Marquette County had the skills to communicate effectively and understand what makes each other respond or act a certain way? What if there was an easy tool and learning opportunity to provide that skill to individuals? There is, and we are hoping to be able to provide this opportunity and skill development for you and your employees. As certified Real Colors® Facilitators through the National Curriculum & Training Institute, Inc. (NCTI), we are excited to support you and your team.

What is Real Colors®?
Real Colors® is a fun, interactive workshop that provides participants with skills to understand human behavior and skills that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. It is a unique, easy to understand, four-color personality assessment and workshop designed to be engaging and insightful. Real Colors provides a pathway to integrate new employees, enhance company culture, reduce conflicts, and increase employee engagement. 

Workshop Overview:

  • 3 hours
  • Active participation is required through small and large group activities
  • Informative and fun!

Outcomes for Real Colors® Participation:

  • Ability to recognize your strengths and the strengths of others
  • Ability to build rapport quickly with clientele, colleagues, family, and friends
  • Ability to understand how others process information
  • Ability to modify your communication to connect with others

Additional information about Real Colors® :

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