4-H Clubs

4-H is open to all youth in grades K-13.
Youth can join 4-H if they are in grades 3 through 13. Cloverbuds are in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. More information here.

Interested in joining a club in Marquette County? Click her for 4-H Club information.

Find a club closest to you. Click here for a map of 4-H Clubs.


How do you join a Marquette County Club? 1) Select a 4-H club from the list. 2) Next, call the club's general leader and find out more information. Most 4-H members join in the fall, but new members can join at any time. 3) Attend the 4-H club meeting with your parents. 4) Enroll! Go to https://wi.4honline.com. What are you waiting for? (4-H Logo)

Enroll in Marquette County 4-H!

Interested in joining as a parent? Parents and adults can sign up to be volunteers and support projects. In order to be eligible, they need to have completed the Volunteer Orientation Process and enroll online.